Sue O’Very, also known as Sookie, is a distinguished figure in the home sewing world, wearing multiple hats as a published author, notion designer, and YouTuber. She is the creative mind behind Sookie Bee Academy, a video platform focused on Add-On Courses and Full Video Courses. As a skilled designer in serger, sewing, and In-the-Hoop projects, Sookie takes pride in her clear instructions fill with more photos than steps. And, with a background in costume design, her artistic touch is evident in the creation of new patterns and designs.

Sookie delights in sharing her expertise with her sewing community, introducing inventive projects and offering valuable tips for achieving professional results. In addition to her passion for sewing, Sookie effortlessly weaves a touch of humor into her interactions. This unique blend makes her not just a wellspring of wisdom but also a delightful companion for fellow sewing enthusiasts. Meeting Sookie in person is a guarantee of inspiration, laughter, and valuable learning experiences. According to Sookie, the most gratifying aspect of her work is the joy derived from teaching and witnessing the enthusiasm that blossoms when individuals stitch up one of her unique designs or patterns.

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